Viva La Hardcore | CD RELEASE | 27.03.2015

«Viva La Hardcore» CD is coming and will be available 27.03.2015 as worldwide!

CD features:
– 17 original tracks
– 8-pages booklet with photos and all album songs lyrics
Hard Stuff (Axel Coon Remix) as bonus track

01. Follow The Masters
02. Viva La Hardcore
03. Lose That Second (feat. Eva Kade)
04. Hyppin Beats
05. Bad & Sexy
06. Hard Stuff
07. We Need A Crowd!
08. Whenever You Will Need
09. Keep This Feeling (feat. Eva Kade)
10. Ordinary Town
11. Cold Days
12. Always Loud
13. The Syncopated Clock
14. So Far Away From Home
15. Experiences
16. Rush Hour
17. The Epic Conclusion
18. Hard Stuff (Axel Coon Remix) [bonus track]


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