Digitally remastered album «Hard & Clear» hits home 13.05.2010

Section 1 - Hard & Clear

25 digitally remastered tracks will hits home 13.05.2015 as Beatport exclusive and 27.05.2015 album will be revealed in other stores

01. Out Of Time
02. Insanity
03. Gonna Take You High
04. Another Dimension
05. Russia! (Where R U?)
06. If You Believe
07. Hardcore Time
08. Children Of A Rave
09. Bounce With Me
10. Gonna Take You High (The Massive Club Mix)
11. Gonna Take You High (Extended)
12. Gonna Take You High (Satellite Bass Radio Mix)
13. Gonna Take You High (Trance-Atlantic Remix)
14. Solar Wind
15. Russia! (Where R U?) (Extended)
16. Russia! (Where R U?) (Hard & Clear Club Mix)
17. Prohibited
18. Insanity (Extended Mix)
19. Insanity (Aimoon pres. Trancestral Remix)
20. Insanity (Aimoon pres. Trancestral Dub Mix)
21. If You Believe (Aimoon Remix Edit)
22. If You Believe (2trancY Remix Edit)
23. If You Believe (The Airstatic Remix Edit)
24. If You Believe (Spirit Tag Remix Edit)
25. If You Believe (Sasha Starry Remix)

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