Viva La Hardcore!!!

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01. Follow The Masters
02. Viva La Hardcore
03. Lose That Second (feat. Eva Kade)
04. Hyppin Beats
05. Bad And Sexy
06. Hard Stuff
07. We Need A Crowd!
08. Whenever You Will Need
09. Keep This Feeling (feat. Eva Kade)
10. Ordinary Town
11. Cold Days
12. Always Loud
13. The Syncopated Clock
14. So Far Away From Home
15. Experiences
16. Rush Hour
17. The Epic Conclusion

Section 1 has started their next chapter with the new album called “Viva La Hardcore”
At this time, guys is fully loaded with many the heavyweight bangers using hardstyle, jumpstyle, trance, bigroom, dubstep and some chillout.

Dennis Dee, Vladimir Volkov (aka Dave-8) and Sergej Metelkin (aka Steve-X) takes on the board a new member…
Quadrocore Recordings and Turbotraxx Tunes co-owner Alexander Golyshev (also known as Aimoon) has joined the band!

The most expendable and dangerous team complete this unique album with the following tracks:

“Follow The Masters” is typical stadium intro with theatrical atmosphere.
“Viva La Hardcore” is the main single with bagpipes, hard beats, rush melodies and powerful mc rhymes.
“Lose That Second” is the first collab tune with female vocal singer Eva Kade. Anyway, this is the second banger including rush melodies, fastest rhythms, amazing Eva Kade’s chorus and ofcourse unstopable mc rhymes.
“Hyppin Beats” is typical hardstyle ‘stadium’ smasher. Killin’ melodies, hardstyle kicks, deep bassline, crowd singin and screaming shouts by mastermind D. Just a fuckin’ monstertune and totally dancefloor killa.
“Bad And Sexy” is a cover song with hard beats, agressive guitar riffs and strong leads.
“Hard Stuff” was the first single produced together with Sergej Metelkin and released with loudness remix by Axel Coon. Just classical ‘rough and tough’ banger.
“We Need A Crowd!” is the second re-incarnation of “Viva La Hardcore” tune. The same bagpipes, hard beats, rush melodies and powerful mc rhymes by maximal slut… This is the main components of absolutely stadium smasher.
“Whenever You Will Need” is oldschool rave tune with pop high-pitch chorus, fast rhythms and mc rhymes.
“Keep This Feeling” is experimental commercial bigroom banger with amazing Eva Kade’s chorus.The main idea was the balance between typical bigroom sound and harddance.
“Ordinary Town” is a cover song. Some experimental things are included. Bigroom beats, rush melodies, dubstep elements, popular chorus and ofcourse crazy mc rhymes by The Arbitrator. Guess who’s this?
“Cold Days” is a typical commercial bigroom banger. The tune is ready for blowup radio stations and breaks the top charts.
“Always Loud” brings some monstrous dubstep to this album. Agressive leads, fat wobble, crazy beats and loudest evil shouts from the mastermind Dennis Dee.
“The Syncopated Clock” is a classical jumpstyle tune with a funny melody, pitched voice and massive mc rhymes by Mr. D. Tic-Toc, time for unexpected shock!
“So Far Away From Home” comes as ‘high and mighty’ techno ballad. Chilling sounds, fantastic ‘fairytale’ atmosphere and ofcourse amazing vocals performed by Dennis.
“Experiences” closing the bigroom sound for this album. The tune is typical commercial bigroom kicker for the radiostations, glamour clubs, live shows and DJ sets.
“Rush Hour” back us to the good old days with ‘lifting the air’ melodies and ‘the heavyweight’ arrangement. This is the classical oldschool hard trance banger which was produced together with Alexander Golyshev.
“The Epic Conclusion” is natural epic hard trance instrumental smasher with loud melody, hard kicks, fat bassline and oldschool trance atmosphere. The really epic conclusion of “Viva La Hardcore”

The 4th studio album “Viva La Hardcore” was produced around the last 2 years by Dennis Dee, Sergej Metelkin, Alexander Golyshev and Vladimir Volkov.

Huge thanks to Crystal Lake, Rick J. Jordan (Ex-Scooter), Axel Coon (Ex-Scooter), Nick Skitz, Dennis Bohn (Brooklyn Bounce), Philipp Belikov (DJ Feel), Eva Kade, Fidel Muksinov (Fidel Wicked), Pim Fontijn (Sheffield Jumpers) and ofcourse big shout out to all worldwide S1 fans for support and unlimited patience!

“Viva La Hardcore” will be available as digital and CD.

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